Having Trouble Getting Your Business Found?

by admin on July 6, 2011

Most business owners say they don’t need to be found, they just need more customers.

Then the question is, how do you get more customers? Well, it’s back to getting found – but how?. Today every business has a huge number of options, from web and social media to print. Companies with large budgets usually try them all.

However, most small businesses don’t have much of a marketing budget. As a result, they dabble in a variety of media, or channels as they are called today. Their attempts aren’t really focused and, as a result, they have little yield. And these poor results leave business owners doing what they have always have done—dabbling or, worse yet, nothing.

From our perspective as a marketing and printing company, we learn a lot from both ends of the spectrum. The large companies create all kinds of data and metrics from their marketing programs. When working with small business, we get to see how the “marketing trends” get translated and integrated into smaller scale programs. What we find, and see used even by high tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Xerox and Go Daddy etc., is that the base line of their programs is direct mail, powered by the data collected from the other marketing media they use.

If you doubt this, just look in your mail box.

The reason Google is there, is that they know that 34% of all direct mail is recycled without even getting looked at. That sounds horrific doesn’t it? Well, what about the other 66%. No other media gets that level of attention. However, all the other media is used to help make their direct mail marketing be successful. In fact, if they have correctly identified you as a direct mail marketing prospect, they can bet on least 1.5 to 10 seconds of your uninterrupted attention before you make a decision to act or not. No other media can even come close!

Some of the key points that are needed to create a highly personalized marketing program are:

• Identify the persona of your ideal client or customer
• Know which of your products or services will interest them
• Present your offer or service in a clear and concise way
• Encourage them to ACT NOW by including a relevant call to action

By doing this, you have created a highly personalized experience for your prospective customer which will increase your chance of success.

If this sounds complicated, it isn’t really. Its about doing your homework or knowing someone who has. That’s correct, the Google, Microsoft, Xerox and Go Daddys of the world have done a lot of the homework for you. There is more information than anyone could ever use available. All you need to do is to start looking.

The best way to Get Found is to be standing right in front of your customers. So how are you going to do that? 🙂

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