How to sell to customers before they know they need your services!

by admin on July 8, 2011

How to sell to customers before they know they need your services!

The process is like planting seeds. In this case they are business seeds. There are several ways to do this. Most people today are looking towards Face Book, Twitter and Pay per Click advertising. All are good options. However, they probably aren’t your best bet. Every day, everyone is bombarded by thousands of marketing messages or business seeds. This translates to a very low germination rate.Direct mail works for Google!

If we step back and look at what is unique about each business, it’s their physical mailbox. They only have one. When they get their mail they are focusing on getting their mail. Then they sort their mail for important and relevant materials. That’s why Google uses direct Mail!

Once you get in front of your prospective customers you need to show them that you understand what their immediate or future needs are. This is called Target Marketing. The concept is simple, you won’t sell pool service to people who don’t have a pool or pet services to people who don’t have pets.

This is why the first thing in any marketing program is to do your homework, develop a profile for your ideal customer and then apply the profile to your lead development programs.

The next step is to clarify your business’s elevator speech. This is important because you will only have 1.5 seconds to get your point across.

Start a conversation with your prospect by using Variable Data Printing, VDP, and incorporate personalized relevant information and content that each recipient feels is important. You can take this a step further by using Personalized Landing Pages or PURLs.

PURLs are a powerful tool. The personalized websites greet your prospective customer by name and ask them questions about information which will help you serve them better, as well as help you learn what’s important to them.

Don’t forget a Call to Action. This is the reason for the prospect to proceed to the next step of your campaign. It can be as simple as a chance to win a contest or to receive a discount off of your services. While the prospect is on their Personalized Website, you can have them update their personal contact information so that you will be able to accurately continue your personalized conversation. The best part of Personalized Websites is that you will be able to tell who looked at your marketing and what they thought!

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