Why Full Color Printed Flyers Work

by admin on July 28, 2011

Why Use Flyers?

Flyers can be quick and effective tools to publicize an event or communicate the specifics about products and services.

But what is a flyer (flier)? In North America, it’s usually anything printed on text weight paper. Quite often a flyer, brochure or sell sheet are used interchangeably. Typically they are printed in full color and tri folded or folded in half. They can be mailed, handed out or delivered. They are usually distributed on a large scale and aren’t particularly targeted to a specific audience.

However, as marketing techniques have become increasingly more sophisticated and postal rates continue to climb, the flyer has also become smarter.

Today’s flyer can incorporate variable data, print runs can be versioned to appeal to specific audiences and personalized URL’s, or PURL’s, can be incorporated. In fact the once lowly flyer of yesterday can be the medium used to propel a fully integrated marketing campaign to a successful conclusion.

These are just a few things to keep in Mind when you are developing your next flyer:

 • Define your Call to Action?

• How to convince your prospective Consumer to Take Action?

• Develop a layout that will encourage your customers to take the next step.

• Engage your customers. People like to look at good pictures.

• Thinking outside the box will get you seen and heard!

How have you been using flyers?

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