How much are your business cards?

by admin on June 10, 2012

Wrong question! If you are shopping for cheap, save your money and do without. Giving a prospective client a poor quality business card tells them many things about you and your business.

Why would someone think that you would be capable of providing quality service or products if you give them a poorly printed business card on flimsy paper? It’s all about marketing and perception.

Rather, you should pull out all the stops on your business cards. Make them think you just gave them a 1914 Babe Ruth baseball card—something they want to keep. Additionally, use your card as a tool to provide as much pertinent information about you and your business as you can. Using QR Codes will give your business card even more capability. You will be able to link to any type of web enabled information you want. This is very useful when you meet someone at a chamber of commerce meeting or trade show, etc. If you have your business card linked to your LinkedIn profile, they will know or remember who you are and why they should keep your business card.

On Hand Graphics and Print has been printing business cards with QR Codes in Oregon City for over 4 years. Ask us how you can get one. Get linked today!

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