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by admin on March 11, 2016

Ya, you want to look like a fool! You searched this and you found it. However, I’m going to try to walk you back from the edge of the business abyss.

Many people say they just need something with their name on it and maybe some random image. I have heard it for years. Many customers start there. However almost all, after seeing a few samples soon realize that we are saving them from a big business mistake. After all, they are called business cards for a reason.

Our job is to help our customers put their best foot forward and then send them out on the path to success, and one of the best ways is to provide them with the tools they need to succeed. We offer full color printing on a variety of papers at very reasonable prices.

What this translates to, is an incredible ROI on your business card purchase. The whole point of your card is to provide potential clients and customers with a card with a clear message, well designed and well crafted. What this translates to, is delivering the impression that you mean business and would be a great person to work with. After all, if you were to show up hoping to sell your professional services and offer your prospect a dogeared, dirty, flimsy poorly designed business card, what type of impression were you hoping to leave? This is a situation which happens all too often. Great cards just live longer. As a business professional, that’s a good thing.

Recently I came across a great blog post on business cards, which speaks to many of the issues and is worth a look.

If you are serious about business and want your cards reprinted, mention this post and
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