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by admin on January 19, 2017

Often it is a good idea to watch how a professional does something to get useful tips and techniques.

For years we have worked with the Society for Marketing Professionals (SMPS). This is, yes an association for marketing professionals—and an awesome group to watch if you would like to pickup some pro tips on marketing.

Today the general trend would be to run to social media and blurt something out and hope that some soles in the world might see it and engage per your marketing request.

Thats not exactly how the pro’s approach their marketing. They do use social media. However, they use it to enhance their Main Marketing Efforts. You might find this odd or even old school, but they use direct mail as their principal media to get their message out. However, they implement all the contemporary techniques to dove tail it into other media to reinforce their message.

First they start with a mail list. From there, they have the ability to use the data to not only address the mail piece, but to tailor or personalize it to suit the recipient. It depends on what you know about the recipient. For example if you know that the recipient has just purchased skis, then they might be interested in your outdoor clothing. If they own a car which is over 10 years old, they might be interested in your new car sale, etc.

The more information you have about your recipients, the more precise your marketing will become. You can start to collect your own data through your marketing efforts. Ad a call to action to your marketing and while they are applying for it, you can ask them a series of questions which will further refine your list.

Savy marketers use this technique all the time. Direct mail gets a larger response than all other marketing platforms combined by several orders of magnitude.

We see the pros at work and learned from the best. Call and ask how we can help you with your next marketing campaign.

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