Does you student need a business card?

by admin on April 25, 2017

Short answer is yes. I can tell you of countless stories where a high school student has benefited from having a business card.

Imagine that your child is at the school science fair. He has a great project and is proud of it. Their project is so good that it draws a lot of attention from both the judges and spectators. This is an ideal situation. Your child has just set the stage for making future educational and business contacts. In a situation like this, one would expect that the student would have some form of way to connect with interested parties. Of course, their contact information needs to be safe and could be as simple as a family email address.

In one instance, a student was at a science fair and did have a very interesting project. This student was prepared. they did have a business card and did provide it to interested parties.

This simple step led them to new educational and professional opportunities while still in high school. Before graduation, almost 50% of their linked-in contacts were PhD’s. In addition, interested professionals and business took them seriously.

I’m not saying that the business card led to all the students future success. However, had they given out post-it notes or torn pieces of paper, it would have most likely had an impact on how they would have regarded the students maturity and probably not have taken them as seriously.

To this day, the student is still getting updated business cards. From that first simple card exchange, they have never been without a summer job and are well on their way to a promising professional career.


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