How to save money on Business Printing

by admin on April 25, 2017

Our goal is to give our customers the best value possible. When we review a clients project, we show them ways they can print their project at the least possible price. There is no substitute for quality and value.

When starting to plan out your marketing materials, ask your printer for the standard print sizes and which sizes will allow them to get the most copies on a press sheet. Try to maximize the sheet. The better fit the project the less waste and yes the lower your cost.

Ask your printer for the types of file formats they prefer. They will probably tell you PDF. PDF files are one of the best files to print from if they are created correctly. The fonts need to be encapsulated and all the transparency needs to be flattened. The most stable form of PDF is a PDF X1A. This format insures that everything is ready for print.

Programs like InDesign will not create an X1A file if your artwork is set-up correctly. However, it will create other PDF formats. Those formats may create a problem for your printer and cause additional prepress time and expense. Talk to your print company about how you should prepare your files. They are there to help you make your print project a successful one!

We have saved many business in Lake Oswego and West Linn hundreds of dollars on their print projects by getting involved in their projects early one in the development stages.

Everyone wins if your project is on budget and on time.

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