Business Cards—Small Footprint Big Impact

by admin on May 18, 2018

You don’t need a lot of space to say a lot and a business card is a great example. In fact, business cards tell a lot about a company.

When you see a clean and well designed card, you probably think that the company is well organized and professional. As opposed to one which seems to be cluttered.

Only the information required to contact you through a couple of channels and framed in your brands identity graphics. Less is more. A clean business card, cut straight, printed on good quality heavy paper speaks volumes about your company and underscores your confidence and professionalism.

The last thing you want is your card to be the first to hit the recycling bin after your meeting. Good design in combination with quality printing will have more staying power.


Imagine if you received a dirty bent up business card. Would you call them back to manage your finances, purchase your next vehicle from them or paint your house? Probably not.

Business cards are relatively inexpensive. Dressing for success starts with a great business card.

Pro tip–get a card holder to protect your investment and keep them looking fresh!

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