Got Posters–They will make your event be a success!

by admin on March 11, 2020

Posters are the art of marketing and they have become an integral part of advertising your event. From movies to school plays in Oregon city. Events are only a success
if you can attract your crowd.
Eye catching graphics can be a powerful start to any poster and that will get your audience’s attention. Then with a clear title you draw them in and finally add the details. Remember you don’t have to creat a book. Keep the details clear, simple and to the point. What, Where and When. Those are the key points. A good reference is to look at the billboards along the freeway. You can get the point quickly as you wiz down the road. OnHand graphics and print has the capability to create just a few of the make a whole bunch. The quantity should be dependent on the size of venue and the geographic area of reach. You wouldn’t place posters for a Lake Oswego school play out in Portland. However, if you are promoting a concert at the Moda Center you would want to promote your event across the entire portland metro area. Call us about your event and we can help you craft a perfect solution.

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