To Your Mark, Get Set, Market!

by admin on March 8, 2021

The marketing race is about to start and you don’t want to be left in the starting blocks.

In the soon-to-be post-Covid world, everyone is feeling antsy. This includes both business owners and customers. There isn’t a morning that goes by that I wish I could go to my favorite coffee shop for my caffeine and pastry fix or buy anything which doesn’t come from Amazon.

Well, folks, that day is almost here. With the vaccination schedule accelerated and now the adult completion date set as mid-May. Now is the time to start to plan your marketing moves for the coming year.

This is an unprecedented time where the field is truly level. It doesn’t matter if you are big or small. All businesses are in a rebuilding state and it’s up to you to define who you and your business want to be. The process isn’t complicated. However, it needs to be well thought out. You will be trying to reengage with previous customers, locate lost clients and build new relationships with your new clients!

The common denominator is that all three groups have a mailbox. Direct mail is and probably always be the marketing workhorse. No other media can reach everyone in North America. What about Facebook or Google PPC? They work, if they are used in the correct sequence. Marketing done correctly will be less costly, more targeted, and delivers a superior return on your investment.

With a well-designed postcard, a compelling offer and value-based call to action, you are on your way to rebuilding your client base and your business. From that point, you can decide how to proceed and which platforms you would like to engage. Imagine and campaign that can link your postcard to targeted, and inexpensive, Facebook ads while collecting the information of the people who are interested in your business or service and start a personalized conversation with them. Sound too good to be true. Well call us and let us help you rebuild.

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