Direct Marketing

Direct mail is the undisputed workhorse of customer acquisition, retention, and relationship management, driving the majority of all response.

Variable Data Print (VDP) or Variable Data Marketing delivers improved results by capturing the attention of new prospects and existing clients with relevant, personalized content. This can be as simple as including the recipient’s name in a mailing or as robust as allowing your database content to drive the selection of customer-relevant graphic elements in each individual mail piece.

Enhance your One to One print marketing by creating personalized web sites for each recipient that include a brief survey of their needs. Based on responses to the survey, you can then refine subsequent mailings to focus even more specifically on your clients’ areas of interest.

Add a third channel with permission based, follow up emails based on information your prospects have identified as important to them, and watch prospects turn into customers.

As you integrate your marketing campaigns across multiple touchpoints, you deliver a consistent message, build rapport and engage consumers in an exchange of information that is of value to them.

Complete the circle by using clients’ web response data to build and refine your knowledge base, and expand your markets as you focus your products and services to deliver better value to clients.

And finally, make use of our easy reporting systems to deliver quantifiable results to your management team!

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