What is your minimum order size?
Using our full color digital press we can print an order of one! However, its not a photocopier. Unlike an offset press which can take hundreds of sheets of paper to get to color. Our digital offset press has a very sophisticated inline color control system which enables us not only to get to color immediately, but hold the color throughout the job.

What is your maximum order size?
That depends, we use different equipment for different types of projects. If it’s a long static run of over 2000 press sheets, we would use offset. If the same run incorporated variable data, we would use our digital presses. Remember that the paper size will be different on each press.

If we want to use variable Data, VDP, how do we do that?
All you need to do is provide us with a csv file and instructions for the areas you would like to data to be mapped to. If it is a complex design or data set, call us and we can work together to create your project.

Can you help with my design?
Yes, we’re here to help. We look at your files and offer assistance if you need it. We can also create a marketing project from start to finish if your like!

I really want to help preserve the environment and minimize waste.
Great, you have come tot he right place. We are 100% wind powered. Our winter heating is recirculated heat from our wind powered equipment. All of our papers are FSC Certified and we rigorously reuse and recycle!

I will only use 100% recycled paper. Can you print on that?
Yes we can. However, recycling after you place the material in the blue bin becomes very complex. We use the papers which make the most sense environmentally. Typically, paper can only be recycled 4-6 times before it becomes compost-yes back to the earth. The huge majority of recycled papers are used in brown paper products like craft paper, chipboards and boxes. When recycled materials are transformed into materials like that, very little processing energy and water needs to be used. When you try to get very high volumes of recycled materials in very bright white premium papers, it takes more energy, water and resources than if if pulp was used from managed FSC forests. This is such a big issue that we will post more information on our blog about recycled papers and when to specify them. Currently our house papers have 10-50% recycled content.

We are thinking about just putting our marketing on our web page to save trees?
Placing your marketing on your web site is a great idea. When customers log onto your site it will be accessible to them. However, if they aren’t on your site you may be loosing business opportunities. Today, the print industry is the driving force behind the cultivation of trees for pulp and pleasure. Trees have enough value, that they are preventing lands from becoming shopping malls and housing subdivisions. Today, we need to think balance. It is this respectful equilibrium that will keep our plant green! Good blog topic…

What is the most economical way to print?
First you need to design your project for the best fit on the press sheet. This way you will get the most copies for the least amount of money. In addition you will minimize waste! Secondly, when you specify your paper, match the quality to your projects budget and purpose. Both of these tips will help you meet your budget.

What does “Full Color” mean?
Full color refers to process color. Process color uses cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks to create a color image. Process color can be specified as a PMS process color or specified for color images. If you would like to make sure your color is correct, just call.

My project is spot color and process color. Will there be an extra charge?
First I will say no. We can take your files and convert them to process and they will print beautifully. Now the Yes answer. If you have to have the spot PMS color as spots, then there will be an additional charge. Spot PMS colors are a little different than process PMS colors. However, most companies prefer to have the PMS spot colors converted to process and have the printing done in one press run.

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